Thursday, May 23, 2024 is our 5th grade Promotion Ceremony!

8:15am will be our Coyote promotion and then our 5th grade Promotion Ceremony will be at 9:00am.

Both ceremonies will be in our school cafeteria.

Please do NOT try and come early to our campus, as we need to get our K-4 students into school and feed them breakfast.

Also, parking for the Promotion Ceremony is VERY limited, so walking and taking an Uber in is your best bet. Please do not park in neighboring business parking lots as they will tow, so please plan ahead.

You should have already RSVP-ed and your visitor stickers will be sent home. Remember, you MUST wear your visitor sticker to be allowed into the ceremony. If you do not have your sticker, you will have to go to the front office and sign in. Please be aware that this may take longer than usual depending on the line of people waiting up front.

Also, remember that there are no balloons allowed in our ceremonies, nor can siblings attend due to our limited seating. 

Right after our Promotion ceremonies, we will be having our 5th grade clap-out. Parents will be escorted from the cafeteria to our car loop and our 5th graders will walk two loops around the school, so there will be plenty of photo opportunities.

Finally, if your 5th grader has a younger sibling that you will be checking out after the Promotion ceremony, you will need to call the school to pre-arrange that early release, as we will be taking all siblings to the 3rd grade gate in the car loop to meet their families. If you do not prearrange that early release, you will have to wait until all the festivities are over, as we will not be able to pull siblings, since they will be at various locations on campus, also participating in the clap out, so please plan ahead.

We’re SO excited for our 5th graders to celebrate their promotion into middle school! We will miss them all dearly!