Hurricane Makeup Days and School Time change


After consulting with the state, we have now confirmed that we will have to make up some of the lost student instructional time we experienced due to Hurricane Ian.

In an effort to preserve both the Thanksgiving and Winter Breaks, the District intends to make up the needed instructional time during Semester 2, so there are no changes to our calendar in Semester 1 and the Thanksgiving and Winter Breaks will be preserved.

Additionally, to make up the lost student instructional time lost due to Hurricane Nicole, Pasco County School Days will be starting 4 minutes early beginning January 3 through the end of the school.

The make-up time will occur as follows:

  • January 3, a Tuesday, will be a regular school day for students and staff. That means students will return on Tuesday, a day early after the two-week Winter Break.
  • February 20, a Monday, will be a regular school day for students and teachers. It is currently on the calendar as a non-school day for students and teachers, and is Presidents Day.
  • All Early Release Days in Semester 2 will be FULL school days. That includes January 11, February 1, March 8, and April 12. By shifting those days to full school days, we are able to make up the equivalent of two school days. The Early Release Days in Semester 1 will remain unchanged.
  • ADDITIONALLY Schools will start 4 minutes early for Semester 2 – For Deer Park Elementary the new start time is 8:06. This will start January 3 and continue for the remainder of the school year.